herbal tea

hibiscus, rosehip, elderberry & lemon peel
205°F | 1-2 tsp per cup | steep 5 min

naturally caffeine free

1.5 oz, 21 servings

This tea packs a punch - of vitamin C that is! Hot or cold, this blend does a body good. Packed with nutrient-rich ingredients, the beautiful harmony of tart and sweet makes this tea a go-to favorite.

This blend went through the longest process to create, largely because Quentin didn’t particularly care for the tart flavor of hibiscus. Personally I loved it from the beginning, but it was hard to get him to commit to trying something he didn’t like. I was relentless in my wanting to create a blend that was high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. I had all of the right ingredients and just needed to find the perfect combination. I finally landed on the perfect blend around the same time that Quentin agreed to try it again. Unfortunately, he still couldn’t get past the hibiscus - until I refrigerated it. I sweetened it with our favorite local honey and gave it to him as an iced tea and almost immediately he fell in love with it. I’m still a fan of it warm, but Quentin thinks it's best served on ice. Let us know which way you prefer it.

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