Your daily dose of self-care!

This variety pack comes with 4 cans each of Equitea's signature, adaptogenic, cold-brewed blends: 

FOCUS: Green Tea Blend

FOCUS your day on what matters.  This robust green tea blend combines the subtle notes of lemon with the sweet aroma of lavender and enhanced with adaptogens to awaken your spirit so you can feel your best.

RECOVER: Hibiscus Spice Blend

RECOVER! This tea packs a punch - of vitamin C that is! This blend does a body and mind good. Packed with nutrient-rich ingredients, spices, and enhanced with adaptogens, the beautiful harmony of tart and sweet makes this hibiscus beverage an everyday must. Naturally caffeine free.

RECHARGE: Black Tea Blend

RECHARGE with this refreshing black tea blend, rich with cardamom and enhanced with adaptogens to keep you alert and balanced as you seize the day. 

All Equitea ready to drink beverages are small batch, cold-brewed and

made with organic, full leaf teas and botanicals. 

Comes in a case of twelve, 12oz cans, four cans of each blend

Best enjoyed cold!