Relief | Herbal Rooibos Tea Blend

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herbal tea

green rooibos, spearmint, raspberry leaf, ginger root, honeybush
205°F | 1-2 tsp per cup | steep 5 min

1.4 oz, 21 servings

This is a wonderful blend to help relieve stomach discomfort and help you relax. The mellow and slightly sweet flavor of green rooibos is heightened by the honeybush, while ginger and spearmint help calm your digestion and cool your palate.

*This blend comes in Greenhouse Tea Company packaging

On a roadtrip to North Carolina, one of our kids experienced a stomach ache that wouldn't seem to go away. Store-bought antacids wouldn’t work and ginger ale wouldn’t settle it. We needed an alternative -an all natural one. We went to a nearby health store and stocked up on different herbs and roots until we landed on a combination that did the trick. Fortunately for us, we were able to enjoy the remainder of our trip with no incidents, thus the Relief tea blend was born. Our stomach is our second brain and maintaining proper gut health is important to maintaining overall wellbeing. In a house full of 7 people, this tea has become a staple in our routine.

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